London, ON and Ames, IA ~ Risk Management is pleased to announce the launch of its premium and standard crop and hog risk management programs. The programs provide hog and crop producers with a comprehensive online platform which incorporates a widespread collection of information including data, statistics and market analysis required to make smart marketing decisions. The program can also be delivered by e-mail and fax if preferred. Risk Management works as an adviser to producers, farmers and agribusiness’ across North America in the marketing or crops and hogs and during the purchase of feed inputs.

“We have created the premium and standard crop and hog programs as a cost effective way for producers to access the information they need to know in order to improve their marketing and input purchases,” says Victor Aideyan, Sr. Risk Management Consultant for Risk Management. “For one low monthly fee producers have access to a weekly newsletter, marketing recommendations, online tools, and telephone access to an expert. At we are producers too and understand the physical side of the grain and hog business. We own and operate our own 2,000 acre farm so when we book or sell our grain and implement hedging strategies you will be the first to know. The online platform also allows us to include market quotes, news feeds, commentaries, USDA reports - all the information needed to make informed marketing decisions.”

“Producers are constantly on the go and have limited time to sift through the massive amount of information and facts available on the internet and elsewhere,” adds Moe Agostino, Sr. Risk Management Consultant. “Our crop and hog risk management programs perform that function by providing smart, easy to understand marketing advice with simple answers and smart solutions.” Risk Management currently provides price risk services for over 1.6 million market hogs and over 63,000 acres of crops. Our team has over 50 years of experience in marketing and price risk management as well as competencies in swine production management. Our offices are located in London, Ontario and Ames, Iowa. Risk Management is a division of Ltd. a leading provider of innovative information products and services, with software solutions for the global agriculture and food industries. can be accessed through its internationally recognized agriculture information portal, which has business services and resources for the up to 20,000-plus agribusiness professionals and livestock and crop producers who use it each day for business services and resources.

For more information on Risk Management programs and services please click on the links below: Risk Management Crop Marketing Program Risk Management Hog Marketing Program

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