PigCHAMP Previews Windows-Based Grow Finish and Mobile System at World Pork Expo

Ames, Iowa -- PigCHAMP is pleased to announce that it will be previewing beta versions of its windows-based PigCHAMP Care Grow-Finish Program and PigCHAMP Mobile system at World Pork Expo in Des Moines, Iowa, June 5, 6, and 7, 2008, at booth 575.

PigCHAMP will be demonstrating the first windows-based swine finishing software program to meet the demands of the swine industry. It comes on the heels of the launch of the Care 3000 PigCHAMP platform in 2006. 
“We are excited to be able to offer our customers a complete suite of windows-based products,” says Bob Brcka, General Manager, PigCHAMP. “The swine industry is undergoing tough times, and we believe this product will help producers to streamline data, and be able to use the information at their fingertips more effectively and efficiently.” 
The Care Grow-Finish program gives swine producers information in an easy-to-use format whether production is continuous flow, all-in-all-out, double stocking, split groups, etc.    Care Grow-Finish tracks groups of pigs throughout their life-cycle all the way through production and back to the source. It includes powerful data analysis tools that enable producers to compare performance at any level of the organization…farm to farm, group to group, or across the country. Care Grow-Finish also has substantial options for customization and data filtering. Finally, it also allows producers to compare actual performance to performance targets.
The PigCHAMP Care Grow-Finish program also includes standard reporting:
¨       Growth and Performance Reports
¨       Management Reports
¨       Feed Usage and Budget Reports
¨       Health Reports
¨       Financial Reports
Since its introduction in 2006, Care 3000 has quickly become the most popular swine reproductive program in North America. Care 3000 features over 40 standard reports and the ability to customize data entry and filter reports. 
PigCHAMP Mobile
A perfect in-barn companion to the Care 3000 program, the new PigCHAMP Mobile system enables producers to collect data electronically and transfer it easily to the Care 3000 program – saving time, eliminating paperwork, and ensuring data accuracy. PigCHAMP Mobile is designed to work on any device that supports the Windows Mobile platform. Producers can see a working demonstration of PigCHAMP Mobile at the PigCHAMP booth – 575 – at World Pork Expo.   
Producers can schedule private demonstrations of both Care Grow-Finish and PigCHAMP mobile by calling 1-866-774-4242 ext 27 or emailing sales@pigchamp.com.
PigCHAMP is the leading swine knowledge management company in the world, with offices in Ames, Iowa and London, Ontario. It supplies its products and services to more pork producers than any other swine software company, with customers in 55 countries. For more information, call toll-free 866.774.4242 or Email: info@PigCHAMP.com
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