Personalize Your Page allows you to personalize your page by adding and removing content items, provide content links of your choice etc. There are a number of features on that allow you to create and edit your own page, but you must be a registered member of to have access to these features. To register, please follow the steps in the section titled Registration in this user guide. 

To personalize your page, Click on the  icon present in the Home page on the top left hand corner.

The features which you can personalize on your page are:

1.   Content Page Links
On the left hand side, check or uncheck the content page links which you would like to appear on your page.

2.  Content Items
On the top hand corner, you can select popular content items to be displayed on the page. You can rearrange the content item tabs present in your page according to your preferences and interests by a drag-and-drop mechanism which lets you directly rearrange the display of content tabs on the page.  It’s a simple two-step process.

a. Hold down the mouse button while the mouse hovers over a content tab which you want to move to a new location.
b. With the button still depressed, move the mouse to the new position on the content bar and release the depressed mouse button.

3. Add More Content
To give you a more personalized page, we allow you to define content to be filtered into your homepage from other sources such as your favorite blog or website that provides an RSS feed, such as sports websites.

This feature allows you to incorporate dynamic content to your website from a variety of external websites.  In essence, you are quickly and efficiently reviewing many different sites, and pieces of information, at one glace and on one webpage

You can search the Web for additional feeds using the search box or you can enter the URL for an RSS feed from your favorite site into to the search box and add it directly.
Personalized homepages give you the ability to create quick snapshots of information that you may visit on a frequent basis. You save time by not needing to visit each site individually.

The Add More Content feature enables you to search hundreds of sources of content and add that to your personalized page. This feature uses RSS technology.  RSS is an acronym for "Really Simple Syndication". RSS is a new way of getting fresh content for your web pages. Many websites and almost every blog, offer a feed of their content in RSS format.

1.   Click on the    to display the search options.


2.   In the Select Category field, select the category of the news feed from the pre-defined list of RSS feeds within and from third party resources.

   In the Select Location field, select the location of the news feed from the pre-defined list.

   In the Keyword field, type in the keyword required in the desired content feed.

   Click on the Search button to display the content feeds.

4. Editing or deleting content modules

For some of the content modules you have the option to select how you want the information to be displayed. For example, For the News module you can select how many rows of data can be shown on the page.

1.   Click on the Edit Tab.

   In the Rows field, select the number of rows from the pre-defined list.

   Click on the Save icon.

   Clicking on the Close icon will close the edit tab without saving the changes.

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