Farm Equipment Safety

Every farm has lots of different equipment that gets used in its various operations, but just as common as farm equipment is, it can also be very dangerous. Tractor overturns and machinery accidents by far make up most of the recorded farm injuries and deaths, therefore, it is critically important that caution and safety are utilized when operating this equipment. For reference, some common farm equipment includes: • Tractors • Plows • Harvesters • Tillers • Grinders • Mowers • Seeders

Equipment Hazards

From harvesters to bale choppers, there’s many types of farm equipment that can pose a very real danger to a person if caught in the wrong situation. So, it is important to be aware of the different hazards that exist for the equipment being used. Some of the most common hazards found in farm equipment include sharp blades that can easily cut someone; and large, metal hydraulic components which can exert lots of force. Generally, many pieces of farm equipment have heavy metal parts that move or rotate which could easily lead to injury if improper contact is made with a person or animal. Being aware of the risks and hazards associated with any given piece of equipment is a key part of exercising safety while using it. Knowledge of potential risks alone helps to decrease its likelihood since the operator will be aware of, and thus can avoid possible harm.

Equipment Maintenance

Keeping equipment up to date and making sure its fully functional is a big part of farm safety. Over time, farm equipment can wear or even unexpectedly break, and when that goes unchecked, it can lead to dangerous situations and put the operator of the equipment and others at risk. Maintenance could be as simple as just inspecting the equipment and doing some quick checks, or it could involve replacing old/broken parts to keep the equipment up to date. Either way some form of maintenance should be taking place on farm equipment, if not daily, at least frequently to make sure there are no obvious problems.

Proper Equipment Use

Since farm equipment can be so dangerous, being responsible while using it is vital. The most important part of being responsible is not misusing any equipment in ways it was not designed for. Most pieces of farm equipment are intended for a very specific use, and it can be dangerous to attempt to take equipment outside of its scope. Proper use doesn’t just encompass using equipment for the right task, it means following proper procedure when operating as well. The best way to make sure this is done is by reading and reviewing any manuals or instructions provided by the manufacturer of the equipment and following the guidelines they provide. A step as small as this is often overlooked by many, but it could prevent a serious injury or worse from occurring.

farm equipment safety

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