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John Jantzi & Kevin Williams
Type: Cash Crop
Acres: 57.43
Location: Perth East, ON
Listing Code: 1090
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Samantha McGill
Type: Hobby Farm
Acres: 102
Location: Arthur, ON
Listing Code: 1082
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Jack Biernaski
Type: Maple Syrup Farm
Acres: 176
Location: Bancroft, ON
Listing Code: 1092
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Stephen & Eugene Dignum
Type: Cash Crop
Acres: 89
Location: Erin, ON
Listing Code: 1102
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Steven Michie
Type: Cash Crop
Acres: 144
Location: Conn, ON
Listing Code: 1101
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Lisa Hartsink
Type: Hooby/Horse Farm
Acres: 22.6
Location: Erin, ON
Listing Code: 1098
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Karen Goraluk
Type: Cash Crop
Acres: 106
Location: Birtle, MB
Listing Code: 1096
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John Andres
Type: Pasture Land
Acres: 160
Location: Pulp River, MB
Listing Code: 1099
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7 Eastern Canadian farms for under $700k
Across the eastern provinces, ag properties offer many opportunities for both new and established farmers. We’ve composed this list of seven properties for producers looking for relatively affordable farms.

Have you ever dreamed of owning a horse farm? If so, you may be interested in this 72-acre property in Stormont County.
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Understanding long-term farmland leases
Producers who want to rent land for extended periods may want to consider long-term leases. Farmers may enter into these agreements if they want to rent properties for more than two years. However, these leases typically last for four or five years, Nathan Kolomaya, a lawyer at Brimage Law Group in Simcoe, Ont., told today. Producers and landowners can enter into agreements that exceed five years but those cases are less common.
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