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Kelly Martindale
Type: Beef Farm
Acres: 200
Location: Douro-Dummer, ON
Listing Code: 1178
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Helene Hutchings
Type: Cash Crop
Acres: 118
Location: Almonte, ON
Listing Code: 1179
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John Jantzi & Kevin Williams
Type: Beef Farm
Acres: 75
Location: Petersburg, ON
Listing Code: 1183
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Steven Michie
Type: Cash Crop
Acres: 156
Location: Wingham, ON
Listing Code: 1176
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Igor Poliszczuk
Type: Dairy Farm
Acres: 362
Location: Thornloe, ON
Listing Code: 1154
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Jack Biernaski
Type: Maple Syrup Farm
Acres: 330
Location: Apple Hill, ON
Listing Code: 1153
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Farm Ontario
Type: Cash Crop
Acres: 50
Location: Strathroy, ON
Listing Code: 1157
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Ted Cawkwell
Type: Cash Crop
Acres: 319.97
Location: Riecken, AB
Listing Code: 1185
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Don’t get stumped by local bylaws
Ontario producers who are interested in removing trees from their properties should consult their municipality bylaw officers or third-party professionals before starting this process. The Municipal Act, 2001 allows all upper-tier municipalities to regulate or prohibit the cutting or injuring of trees in woodlands that are one hectare (2.5 acres) or greater.
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Resolving farming-related conflicts
Routine farm work can be loud, smelly and dirty, which can sometimes cause tensions with neighbours. In an effort to solve these conflicts, OMAFRA’s Farming and Food Production Protection Act, 1998 (FFPPA) established the Normal Farm Practices Protection Board (NFPPB).
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