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Bill Bouw
Type: Cash Crop
Acres: 147
Location: Drumbo, ON
Listing Code: 1119
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Steven Michie
Type: Cash Crop
Acres: 84.5
Location: Queensville, ON
Listing Code: 1125
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Igor Poliszczuk
Type: Organic Dairy Farm
Acres: 93
Location: Mount Forest, ON
Listing Code: 1127
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Fred Bork
Type: Cash Crop
Acres: 100
Location: Glencoe, ON
Listing Code: 1117
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Type: Cash Crop
Acres: 149
Location: Mapleton Twp, ON
Listing Code: 1112
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Rachel King
Type: Hooby Farm
Acres: 51.75
Location: Selwyn, ON
Listing Code: 1113
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Lisa Hartsink
Type: Hobby/Horse Farm
Acres: 22.6
Location: Erin, ON
Listing Code: 1098
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Stephen & Eugene Dignum
Type: Horse Farm
Acres: 12
Location: Halton Hills, ON
Listing Code: 1091
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Understanding ag leases for barns and sheds
While many Ontario producers are familiar with the practice of renting farmland, they may have questions about another type of lease that could benefit their operations. Often, farmers rent production facilities, like barns or sheds, from other growers to expand their capacities.
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Applying Ontario’s new lease format to ag
Ontario producers who rent out farm dwellings may be unaware of a new provincial requirement. The government implemented a new residential lease structure earlier this year. The new structure could also prevent misunderstandings between the two parties.
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