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Canada Fleabane (Conyza canadensis)

Crop Impacts: No-till soybeans, orchards, vineyards, also affect arable fields, and some yield crops.

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About Canada Fleabane:

Canada Fleabane is found throughout the US and in Canada, except in Newfoundland. It can survive in a variety of soils, but the most common would be in moist textured soils. Canada Fleabane is a summer or winter annual weed. This weed is a dark green colour, and tends to be lower to the ground, and has hairy leaves. It produces a flower that looks similar to a daisy. This weed can produce up to 200,000 seeds, and they can spread over a kilometer.

Family: Composite or Aster Family

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Canada Fleabane Scouting and Prevention:

Mowing can help reduce seed production and dispersion. Another way to prevent would be tillage in either the fall or early spring or both. The weed cannot survive after it plants if there is any tillage.

Canada Fleabane Control:

The most common and easiest way to control this weed would be tillage in either fall or spring or both. The best time to use herbicides to help control the weeds if they do occur would be in the fall or in early spring.

Latin / Alternative Canada Fleabane Names:

  • - Conyza Canadensis
  • - Bitterweed
  • - Fleabane
  • - Hogweed
  • - Horseweed
  • - Mare’s-tail
  • - Vergerette du Canada

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