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Cow Cockle (Saponaria Caccaria L.)

Crop Impacts: Grain and other yield crops

Cow Cockle 1

About Cow Cockle:

Cow cockle is resistant to common control herbicides, which gives it the ability to survive in areas where other weeds cannot. This weed grows in areas that have textured soils. The weed can grow up to 30mm in height, and all parts of the weed are toxic to livestock.

Family: Pink Family (Caryophyllaceae)

Cow Cockle 2 Cow Cockle 3

Cow Cockle Scouting and Prevention:

Cow cockle generally germinates in the early spring; a good way to prevent that germination from happening is make sure that you tillage before the weed has time to complete the germination process.

Cow Cockle Control:

Cow cockle is resistant to common control herbicides which makes it difficult to control.

Latin / Alternative Cow Cockle Names:

  • - Saponaria Caccaria L.
  • - China cockle
  • - Cow-herb

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