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Flixweed (Descurainia sophie L.)

Crop Impacts: Winter Wheat and Canola

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About Flixweed:

Flixweed can reproduce during many different timeframes; it is an annual, biennial and a winter annual weed. Flixweed reproduces via seed only. This weed has a very distinct mustard scent and has long, thin stems with yellow flowers that hold the seed pods in a very visible protruding way. There are also seed pods on almost every stem. The weed itself is green with distinct grey tones. Flixweed is known throughout Ontario, and tends to appear near roadsides, outskirts of fields and can grow in and around gardens.

Family: Mustard Family (Cruciferae)

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Flixweed Scouting and Prevention:

Doing frequent crop checks can help avoid Flixweed from establishing in your fields.

Flixweed Control:

Finding Flixweed early is the key to controlling and terminating this weed. By following the scouting and prevention tips above, you can have a much better chance of terminating this weed from your fields. Cultivation in the spring is your best bet to control Flixweed. Herbicide application pre and post season have also been known to be an effective Flixweed control method.

Latin / Alternative Flixweed Names:

  • - Descurainia sophie (L.) Webb
  • - Tansy mustard
  • - Sagesse-des-chirurgiens
  • - Sisymbre Sophia

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