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Green Foxtail (Setaria viridis L.)

Crop Impacts: Yield Crops


About Green foxtail:

Green foxtail weeds have stems that can grow to be up to 40 inches tall, or sometimes taller. Green foxtail weeds produces green leaves that are long slender and have a point at the outer tip. The flower Green foxtail produces is a purple/green colour and is long dense and a little bit spiky. Green foxtail is very common in all agricultural areas. This is because this weed grows well in all soils, and can occur almost anywhere.

Family: Grass Family (Gramineae)


Green foxtail Scouting and Prevention:

A great way to prevent Green foxtail from moving into fields and other areas is to take crop counts. This will allow the ability to notice if things within the fields begin to change. It is also important to ensure that different/random areas are being checked on a regular basis to make sure that all areas are not being affected. Preseason herbicide application has been known to be effective, but it must be done before the weed ages too much to be effective.

Green foxtail Control:

Green foxtail cannot compete with most crops. This weed does not do well in soils that are cooler than 15 degrees Celsius, but Green foxtail can germinate up to September, and can impact crops throughout the season. In some cases this crop can be defeated by seeding early and good fertilization. Green foxtail does not thrive in fields that are not tilled often, and does not flourish in dense crop areas, this weed prefers the outskirts of fields. Green foxtail does, however, flourish in fields where fertilizer is applied over the surface of the field.

Latin / Alternative Green foxtail Names:

  • - Setaria viridis (L.) Beauv.
  • - Sétaire verte
  • - Bottle brush
  • - Bottle grass
  • - Bristle grass
  • - Foxtail millet
  • - Millet
  • - Pigeon grass
  • - Wild millet
  • - Mil sauvage

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