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Green Smartweed (Polygonum scabrum Moench)

Crop Impacts: Wheat and other yield crops

Green Smartweed 1

About Green Smartweed:

Green Smartweed is an annual weed that reproduces via seed only. It has a stem that is green, smooth and has green point leaves with veins that are rounded towards the tip of the leaf. Green Smartweed produces a pink and white flower that has many bulbs close together towards the tip of the stem. Green Smartweed generally stations itself in fields, pastures, and gardens throughout Ontario and is becoming more and more prominent. This type of weed prefers wet soil.

Family: Buckwheat or Smartweed Family (Polygonaceae)

Green Smartweed 2

Green Smartweed Scouting and Prevention:

Frequent Crop checks can help avoid Green Smartweed from moving into your crops. Be sure that when doing these random checks, you are looking at lower areas in the fields to ensure the weed has not turned up unnoticed. Checking frequently will bring awareness to the weed moving in because you will know exactly what your crops should look like without the weed present.

Green Smartweed Control:

Growing competitive crops such as canola and peas in fields that have Green Smartweed can help diminish the weeds presence. These competitive crops will take over, and terminate the weed. Herbicides are also extremely effective on this weed.

Latin / Alternative Green Smartweed Names:

  • - Polygonum scabrum Moench.
  • - Renouée scabre
  • - Pale persicaria
  • - Pale smartweed (due to misidentification)
  • - Renouée grêle rosée

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