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Lambsquarters (Chenopodium album L.)

Crop Impacts: Corn, soy, other yield crops.

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About Lambsquarters:

Lambsquarters is an annual weed that reproduces via seed only. Lambquarters is an extremely visible weed, once it begins to grow it is very obvious. This weed can grow to be as tall as 6.5 feet in height given the right conditions. Its stem is smooth and is a green/purple colour. The leaves on Lambsquarters weeds are a triangular arrow shape, but they also have teeth. Lambsquarters Weeds produce a small green flower.

Family: Goosefoot Family (Chenopodiaceae)

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Lambsquarters Scouting and Prevention:

A good way to scout and prevent Lambsuarters from moving in to crops is to take crop counts on a regular basis. As long as random areas are being checked, any signs of the weed will be noticed immediately.

Lambsquarters Control:

Glysophate has been known to help control the growth of Lambsquarters in soy and corn crops. Pre and post season spraying can help control this weed; herbicides have also been known to be effective.

Latin / Alternative Lambsquarters Names:

  • - Chenopodium album L.
  • - Chinopode blanc
  • - Fat-hen
  • - Pigweed
  • - White goosefoot
  • - White pigweed
  • - Chou gras
  • - Poulette grasse
  • - Ansérine blanche

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