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Narrow Leaved Hawksbeard (Crepis tectorum L.)

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About Narrow Leaved Hawksbeard:

Narrow Leaved Hawksbeard is an annual or winter annual weed that reproduces via seeds. It produces yellow flowers and has thin green leaves. It is a tall weed and has larger leaves at its base, all of which are green. This weed tends to appear in places like pastures, roadsides and the outskirts of fields, and throughout Ontario.

Family: Composite or Aster Family (Compositae)

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Narrow Leaved Hawksbeard Scouting and Prevention:

When looking to prevent Narrow Leaved Hawksbeard weeds it is important to check the outer areas of crop fields and throughout pastures. Taking random crop counts will also be an effective way to notice if Narrow-leaved hawk’s weed starts to grow in or around fields.

Narrow Leaved Hawksbeard Control:

Tilling in the fall and in spring can help reduce the amount of Narrow Leaved Hawksbeard that is appearing in fields. Mowing on a regular basis can help deplete the number of seeds that the Narrow-Leaved Hawksbeard weeds are producing. And applying herbicides pre and post harvest can also help to control Narrow Leaved Hawksbeard weeds.

Latin / Alternative Narrow Leaved Hawksbeard Names:

  • - Crepis tectorum L
  • - Répis des toits
  • - Yellow hawk's-beard

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