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Scentless Chamomile (Tripleurospermum inodorum L.)

Crop Impacts: Field Crops

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About Scentless Chamomile:

Scentless Chamomile is a weed that occurs throughout Ontario and appears in cultivated fields and in pastures. Scentless Chamomile is a perennial weed, but it can also be an annual. It has a sticky stem with leaves all over it. The weeds are spiky and grow all the way up to the flower. The flower this weed produces generally appears from June to October. The flower resembles a daisy, the petals are white and oval, that surround a yellow center.

Family: Composite or Aster Family (Compositae)

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Scentless Chamomile Scouting and Prevention:

When looking to prevent Scentless Chamomile from entering into your fields and crops it is important to scout out the area around your fields, and throughout pastures. Taking crop counts will also allow you to notice any differences throughout your field it you are checking random areas on a regular basis to help prevent this weed.

Scentless Chamomile Control:

Applying herbicides is the best way to control this weed. Pre and post season application can help reduce the risk and the damage that Scentless Chamomile will have on crops.

Latin / Alternative Scentless Chamomile Names:

  • - Tripleurospermum inodorum (L.)
  • - Matricaria perforata Merat
  • - MATMG
  • - Matricaire inodore
  • - Scentless mayweed
  • - Matricaire maritime
  • - Matricaria maritima L. var. agrestis (Knaf) Wilmott
  • - Matricaria inodora L

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