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Spreading Atriplex (Atriplex Patula)

Crops Impacted: Gardens, row crops




About Spreading Atriplex

The Spreading Attriplex is an annual growing weed which reproduces by seed. The Spreading Attriplex prefers moist soils and arable lands on the western coasts of North America and predominantly grows in southern Ontario. This weed flowers from July to September.

Family: Chenopodiaceae

Spreading Atriplex Scouting and Prevention

The Spreading Atriplex is often confused with lamb’s-quarters and can be identified by their green prostrate and erect stems, several pairs of opposite leaves, and triangular diamond-shaped bract that encircles each flower (approximately 2/5 – 2 inches long). The Spreading Atriplex is an annual weed, growing to 0.8m each year.

Common Locations

  • Prefers moist soil
  • Soil can be saline or non-saline
  • Gardens
  • Waste areas
  • Row crops

Spreading Atriplex Control

The Spreading Atriplex prefers moist soils and thrives in areas heavy in clay. Having good drainage and cover should help avoid the growth of this weed as it cannot grow in shady areas and does not take well to sandy soils. As well, the Spreading Atriplex prefers a temperate climate.

Latin/Alternative Spreading Atriplex Control

  • Atriplex Patula
  • Arroche étalée
  • Orache
  • Spreading Orache
  • Arroche des champs

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