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Venice Mallow (Hibiscus trionum)

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About Venice Mallow:

Venice Mallow is a summer annual weed that originated from Europe as an ornamental plant. It has a nick name “flower of-an-hour” due to the fact that the flowers will only last for a few hours before they fall off. The major concern with this plant is the fact that it can lay dormant for up to 50 years.

Family: Malvaceae family

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Venice Mallow Scouting and Prevention:

Overall, Venice Mallow has upright growing habits reaching 10 to 18 inches tall with a straight stem, covered with lots of little hairs and branches that come from the base. It has deeply cleft leaves that are broken into 3 to 5 coarsely toothed lobes. The flowers that the Venice Mallow grows are a light sulfur-yellow color with a deep purple to red center.

Common locations

  • - Nurseries
  • - Orchards
  • - Gardens
  • - Cultivated fields


The easiest way to deal with Venice Mallow is to make sure there are high standards in your fields and gardens, such as:

  • - Making sure your variation of seeds are weed-free
  • - You cultivate and plant at optimal times
  • - Putting plant appropriate fertilizer on crops to promote fast and easy growth

Venice Mallow Control:

Cultural Control

Venice Mallow is an annual weed, meaning it is susceptible to any form of cultivation, which removes the plant from the soil. Due to the long period of time the seeds can lay dormant in the soil, it is important to mow or hand remove Venice Mallow before the plant flowers and the seeds develop.

Chemical Control

For the best post-emergent control of Venice Mallow, apply herbicides in late spring when the weed is actively growing and relatively young. Systemic weed control programs applied during this time of life will move the chemical through the plant, killing the weed right to the roots underground.

Latin / Alternative Venice Mallow names:

  • - Hibiscus trionum
  • - Flower of an hour
  • - Bladder ketmia
  • - Rosemallow

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