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Volunteer Canola

Crop Impacts: Yield Crops: Barley

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About Volunteer Canola:

Volunteer Canola is an annual weed that reproduces via seeding. This particular weed has a hairy stem that is a blue green colour. The flower that come from this weed is a light yellow colour and tends to be smaller in size. Volunteer Canola pollen falls from the weed and affects the crop through the soil.

Family: Pink Family- Brassicaceae

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Volunteer Canola Scouting and Prevention:

A good way to scout and prevent your crops from getting Volunteer Canola is to take weed counts throughout the fields in order to check if the weed is occurring. It is very effective when checking random sections of the fields. Tilling before seeding is a very effective way to prevent Volunteer Canola from getting into fields and effecting crops.

Volunteer Canola Control:

Hand pulling can be an effective way to manage this weed, although it may not be practical for large farms or fields. If Volunteer Canola is spotted a young age, it can be effectively controled with various herbicides. For this to be most effective, action needs to be taken before the weed reaches the four leaf stage. After that there is a much higher chance that the crop will be affected.

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