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Wild Buckwheat (Polvgonum convolvulus L.)

Crop Impacts: Yield Crops



About Wild Buckwheat:

Wild Buckwheat is an annual weed that reproduces via seeds. This particular weed has oval shaped leaves that come to a point at the outer end -- looking similar to a heart. Wild Buckwheat weeds have thin stems that wrap around other plants as a means of holding themselves up so that they can grow taller. Wild Buckwheat weeds produce a small flower that has a greenish white colour, but does not have peddles. This weed flowers from the beginning of July to the end of August.

Family: Buckwheat or Smartweed Family (Polygonaceae)


Wild Buckwheat Scouting and Prevention:

Tilling can encourage germination if Wild Buckwheat seeds are present, then till again to terminate this weed. Checking areas of crop fields on a random basis can give insight into whether or not Wild Buckwheat is forming in your fields.

Wild Buckwheat Control:

Tilling twice at both pre and post season can help control and avoid Wild Buckwheat all together. Once you start noticing Wild Buckwheat plants, pull them immediately; ensure that you pull the full root, to avoid re growth. Try to terminate Wild Buckwheat plants before seeding starts. Use herbicides to control this weed, spray as early as possible to ensure effectiveness.

Latin / Alternative Wild Buckwheat Names:

  • - Polvgonum convolvulus L.
  • - Renouée liseron
  • - Black bindweed
  • - Climbing bindweed
  • - Corn bindweed
  • - Faux liseron
  • - Sarrasin sauvage

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