Suicide Hotlines and Resources

Mobile Crisis Services

Mobile Crisis Service (Saskatoon)
(306) 933-6200 (crisis, 24/7 support)
(306) 664-4525 (business)

West Central Crisis & Family Support Centre
(306) 463-6655 (Monday to Friday 9am-5pm)
(306) 463-6655 (business)

North East Crisis Intervention Centre
1-800-611-6349 (crisis, 24/7 support)
(306) 752-9455 (crisis, 24/7 support)
(306) 752-9464 (business)

Hudson Bay & District Crisis Centre
1-866-865-7274 (crisis, 24/7 support)
(306) 865-3064 (crisis, 24/7 support)
(306) 865-3064

Prince Albert Mobile Crisis Unit
(306) 764-1011 (crisis, 24/7 support)
(306) 763-8181 (business)

Regina Mobile Crisis Services
(306) 525-5333 (crisis, 24/7 support)
(306) 569-2724 (crisis, 24/7 support)
(306) 757-7809 (business) Home    Suicide Prevention Resources    Saskatchewan

Saskatchewan Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Resources

Farmer Specific Resources

Farm Stress Line

Saskatchewan Farm Financial Management

Saskatchewan Farm Business Management

Grassland Mediation- Farm Succession Plan

Support Groups

Mental Health: Family Support Group (aka Mental Illness Family Support Group)
Address: Regina General Hospital in the OD Exercise Room, 1440 14th Ave, Regina, SK
Additional Information: Free

Recreation Group
Address: Saskatoon
Contact: Gloria (306) 374-2224
Additional Information: Please call for more information or to register.

Meet the Resident Psychiatrist
Address: 1311 Saskatchewan Drive, Regina
Day and Time: Fridays from 10am-12pm
Additional Information: Dr. Sahanan does not prescribe medication.

Peer Support – Maria Alvarez
Day and Time: Tuesday and Thursday afternoons
Contact: Maria Alvarez (306) 584-0755

Suicide Grief Support Saskatoon
Address: W.A. Edwards Family Centre, 333 4th Avenue N, Saskatoon
Day and Time: First Tuesday of the month from 7:30-9pm
Contact: Jen McGinnis, 306-249-5666,
Additional Information: