Swine Farming Equipment

Like any line of work, having the proper equipment can help the job get done properly and safely. Swine farming is no different as the equipment is designed to help the farmer care for the hogs while keeping them as health, safe and happy as possible.

Swine Housing

Regardless the animal, having proper housing is an essential element to ensuring the animal’s wellbeing. Available in a variety of styles including small huts and freestanding structures, and using a variety of materials, hog housing is important as it provides a shelter for the pigs to sleep, protects them from the elements and from any potential predators.

Hog Watering

Because pigs don’t sweat, access to lots of fresh water is important to help keep them cool. Swine watering systems can be customized to fit the farmer’s needs. From drinking cups and bowls, to hose fittings designed to fit the mouths of sows and piglets. Transmitters are also available to keep track of water consumption to help with monitoring costs.

Pig Feeding

Pigs tend to have a hearty appetite and keeping it satisfied is an important part of raising animals that produce high quality meat. Automatic feeders are available to help the pig maintain a healthy diet while maximizing input costs by giving a pre-determined amount of feed. Troughs can be used in instances where many pigs are eating at once, helping to create a family atmosphere among them. Feeding carts are available to walk the feed to the pigs, while cart covers help keep the feed protected from insects and other animals. Feeding mats are also available to keep food from falling through holes in the floor.

Heat Lamps

Pigs, like most animals, prefer to be kept warm during winter. There are many heat lamp and brooder options available to keep the pigs warm. Heating pads are also available to give the pigs a warm place to walk and rest in the winter. The heating pads are also helpful in keeping new piglets safe and preventing crush losses.

Cleaning Supplies

There are a variety of options available when it comes to cleaning supplies. Respirators and gloves can help keep the farmer clean and from breathing in any airborne sicknesses. Pressure washers can be ideal to wash hard to reach areas and clean off hardened messes.


When it comes to having the pigs tagged or checked for veterinary purposes, crates can help keep the animals safe and secure.


Pigs are natural foragers and like to explore the land for things to eat. To ensure they don’t get too far away, fencing options can keep the pigs secure and safe from outside predators. When selecting fencing for pigs, keep in mind they have very sharp teeth and can chew through thin wood.

Having the proper equipment to house, feed and protect pigs can not only keep them safe and happy, but also give farmers peace of mind that they’ve made good equipment investments.