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Capturing relative phenotypes to help us understand boar fertility

Amanda Minton, Associate Director of Reproductive Technology at Acuity Swine and Karl Kerns, Assistant Professor at Iowa State University, discuss capturing relative phenotypes to help us understand and ultimately improve boar fertility.


R&D: Understanding index distribution and accountability in competitive comparison

Justin Fix, Director of Business Development and Genetic Improvement with Acuity and Caleb Shull, Director of Research at The Maschhoffs discuss how genetic evaluation varies from nucleus to commercial production and how that variation creates a bias in data analysis.

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Saskatchewan Invests $1M in Swine Disease Preparedness

Saskatchewan Agriculture Minister David Marit has announced $700,000 in funding to support swine disease mitigation efforts. Sask Pork will also be providing $300,000 toward a swine market disruption plan, which will help industry respond to potential market closures due to an animal health emergency event such as African swine fever.Read More

Proposals Confirm Critical Need for Wean-to-Harvest Biosecurity Research

Experts say the best way to help control the next emerging disease in the U.S. pork industry is to enhance wean-to-harvest biosecurity. That's why the Swine Health Information Center (SHIC), along with the Foundation for Food and Agriculture Research and Pork Checkoff, joined together last summer to fund and launch a two-year Wean-to-Harvest Biosecurity Research Program. A call for research proposals was announced last October with the goal of investigating cost-effective, innovative technologies, protocols or ideas to enhance biosecurity during the wean-to-harvest phases of production.Read More

What You Need to See at Iowa Pork Congress 2023

It's not too late to attend the 50th-anniversary celebration of the Iowa Pork Congress in Des Moines on Jan. 25-26 complete with cake, games, balloons, pictures and prizes in the trade show.Read More

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