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The Swine report


Capturing relative phenotypes to help us understand boar fertility

Amanda Minton, Associate Director of Reproductive Technology at Acuity Swine and Karl Kerns, Assistant Professor at Iowa State University, discuss capturing relative phenotypes to help us understand and ultimately improve boar fertility.


R&D: Understanding index distribution and accountability in competitive comparison

Justin Fix, Director of Business Development and Genetic Improvement with Acuity and Caleb Shull, Director of Research at The Maschhoffs discuss how genetic evaluation varies from nucleus to commercial production and how that variation creates a bias in data analysis.

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China Beef Demand, Pork Output Fall

Couto and Freitas Jr. reported that China “is seen producing 7.7 million metric tons this year, up 1 million tons from 2020, according to the USDA. What’s more, an economic slowdown has prompted consumers to seek cheaper proteins.”Read More

Study Shows Copper Beads in Pig Feed Reshape Swine Gut Microbiome

"The copper gets released in the animal system very slowly," says microbiologist Alexandra Calle, Ph.D, the paper's senior author. Instead of just being consumed and absorbed in the stomach, it remains for a longer period in the animal's GI tract.Read More

Spring Swine Barn Ventilation Maintenance Guide

Discover the importance of April maintenance for swine barn ventilation, ensuring optimal conditions for pig comfort and economic efficiency. Read More

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