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Capturing relative phenotypes to help us understand boar fertility

Amanda Minton, Associate Director of Reproductive Technology at Acuity Swine and Karl Kerns, Assistant Professor at Iowa State University, discuss capturing relative phenotypes to help us understand and ultimately improve boar fertility.


R&D: Understanding index distribution and accountability in competitive comparison

Justin Fix, Director of Business Development and Genetic Improvement with Acuity and Caleb Shull, Director of Research at The Maschhoffs discuss how genetic evaluation varies from nucleus to commercial production and how that variation creates a bias in data analysis.

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Ontario Cargill Workers Approve New Contract, End Strike

Workers at the Cargill beef processing plant in Guelph were expected to be back on the job today after approving a new contract agreement with the company. Read More

US beef exports excel in May, pork faces export challenges

US beef exports reached a milestone in May with exceptional growth, whereas pork exports did not perform as well compared to the previous year.Read More

SHIC studies biosecurity compliance in swine production

A study funded through the Swine Health Information Center Wean-to-Harvest Biosecurity Research Program, in partnership with the Foundation for Food & Agriculture Research (FFAR) and Pork Checkoff, recently evaluated caretaker motivation related to compliance with biosecurity behavioursRead More

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