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The Swine report


R&D: Understanding index distribution and accountability in competitive comparison

Justin Fix, Director of Business Development and Genetic Improvement with Acuity and Caleb Shull, Director of Research at The Maschhoffs discuss how genetic evaluation varies from nucleus to commercial production and how that variation creates a bias in data analysis.

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High Rye Based Ration Formulations Require High Energy

Research conducted by the University of Saskatchewan and the Prairie Swine Center has shown, while rye can be included in the rations of grower pigs, it's important to maintain high energy levels in the ration.Read More

Majority of U.S.. Pork Producers Opting for COVID Vaccinations

The National Pork Producers Council reports the vast majority of U.S. pork producers are opting to be vaccinated against COVID-19 and encouraging employees and fellow producers to get vaccinated as well.Read More

SHIC Reports Incidence of PRRS Down

The Executive Director of the Swine Health Information Center reports a particularly pathogenic strain of PRRS appears to have run its course and the incidence of PRRS in the United States is down in general.Read More

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