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The Swine report


Capturing relative phenotypes to help us understand boar fertility

Amanda Minton, Associate Director of Reproductive Technology at Acuity Swine and Karl Kerns, Assistant Professor at Iowa State University, discuss capturing relative phenotypes to help us understand and ultimately improve boar fertility.


R&D: Understanding index distribution and accountability in competitive comparison

Justin Fix, Director of Business Development and Genetic Improvement with Acuity and Caleb Shull, Director of Research at The Maschhoffs discuss how genetic evaluation varies from nucleus to commercial production and how that variation creates a bias in data analysis.

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What Can You Do to Help Improve ASF Surveillance?

African swine fever (ASF) has been spreading quickly in the past ten years in several parts of the world, including Asia, Eastern Europe, and more recently in the Dominican Republic and Haiti. Read More

NPPC’s Neil Dierks to Receive USMEF Distinguished Service Award

One area in which Dierks and his NPPC team have had an enormous impact on pork trade is securing improvements in market access in key destinations such as Japan, Mexico, South Korea, Central and South America, the Dominican Republic and Oceania, where free trade agreements eliminated or reduced both tariff and non-tariff trade barriers.Read More

The U.S. is Bracing for a Virus that Could Devastate its Hog Operations

Meat processors and agriculture officials are making sure they’re prepared against a highly contagious swine disease.Read More

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