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Understanding Cation Exchange Capacity
Understanding Cation Exchange Capacity
Cation exchange capacity is a measurement of the amount of clay, type of clay and amount of organic matter found in the soil.
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2019 Farm Science Review Chainsaw Draw
Ag Industry Celebrates 2015 WOTUS Repeal
Ag Industry Celebrates 2015 WOTUS Repeal
The EPA and Department of the Army will create a new WOTUS definition to provide clarity for farmers and others.
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Minimizing Soil Compaction During Harvest
Reduce the axle loads of both the combine and grain carts by not loading them to full capacity, a soil management professor said.
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Planting Wheat on Prevented Plant Acres
Planting high populations early can cause increased risk for lodging potential, university researchers said.
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Corn Disease Update
Northern corn leaf blight, rust, and gray leaf spot have been easy to find at low levels in many fields, a plant pathologist said.
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Farm Debt Rising
Farm Debt Rising
An ag economist explains why farm debt is at its highest point since the 1980s, and offers some suggestions on ways to get it under control.
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Grain Market Update
Grain Market Update
US$5 wheat is projected for the 2020 wheat crop, a grain marketing specialist said.
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Controlling Common Pepperweed
Controlling Common Pepperweed
A good crop canopy and multiple available herbicides can keep this weed under control, ag experts said.
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