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Wheat Market Update
Wheat Market Update
Soft red winter wheat is selling for 64 cents more than hard red winter wheat, a crop marketing specialist said.
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Corn Belt Crop Tour Highlights
Corn Belt Crop Tour Highlights
The American corn and soybean crops are showing the effects of late plantings and heavy moisture, said Moe Agostino, chief commodity strategist with Risk Management.
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Cutting Input Costs
Soil tests provide the likelihood that a crop will respond to a nutrient, a soil fertility specialist said.
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Managing Soybeans as a Cover Crop
Using a drill with row spacing less than 10 inches for soybean will increase canopy closure by a few days, an agronomist said.
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Managing Hailed Out Crops
If the main corn stem starts to grow again and new leaves come out of the main stem, then there is little damage, university specialists said.
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Controlling Buffalobur

Controlling Buffalobur

The Hefty brothers talk about which herbicides can keep this weed under control.
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Weather Update
Weather Update
Cooler temperatures could be right around the corner, an ag climatologist said.
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Controlling Japanese Beetles
Controlling Japanese Beetles
If there’s more than 30 percent defoliation while soybeans are in the vegetative stage, treatment may be necessary, an entomologist said.
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