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157-acre BC farmhouse less expensive than a Vancouver condo

157-acre BC farmhouse less expensive than a Vancouver condo

Escape the city to the idyllic area of Burns Lake, BC.

By Andrew Joseph,

If you must live in Vancouver, then you are more than-likely a slave to its high housing costs, just as every large city in Canada is dealing with.

However, for those looking for accommodation and do not require a place in the beautiful city of Vancouver, there are some affordable options—like a 157-acre farmhouse that is less expensive than a condo in the city.  

Commuting isn’t going to be an issue because you’re not going to want to travel back and forth the approximate 980 kilometres between farmhouse and Vancouver—let’s just get that out of the way.

But for those looking a nice change of pace, there is still some urban convenience a mere 15-minute drive away from what real estate agents call a property set in the "idyllic north country”. It’s apparently also “in close proximity to lake, forests and snow-capped mountains”.

A country home, outbuildings, barn, shed, corral system and three livestock waterers are all part and parcel with the 157-acre fertile farmland spread featuring 105 acres of hay production. If you are keeping stock of that that means, consider 1.5 tonnes per acre.

The rest of the land is perfect for livestock—cattle, horses, goats, or whatever your passion is, the infrastructure is there.

Within the main yard is a corral system used for calving and sorting, animal shelters, and three electric stock waterers for the critters. Older outbuildings are also available for chickens, pigs or storage.

The hayshed is a generous 20’ x 60’ with dual attached 16’ x 60’ lean-tos for more storage. There’s also a 20’ x 60’ pole barn with wiring hook-ups for vehicle storage or more hay storage.

The 1984-built farm home itself is 2,500 square feet in size, with a large section of covered living space with great views of the mountains and farm area.

The well-maintained home has five bedrooms and three bathrooms—good luck finding that in a Vancouver-area condo—and has a basement, storage cold room, and a carport.

The property includes a drilled well and septic lagoon and electricity.

Remax notes that the property is asking $629,000—compared to Vancouver area condo’s $740,000. The 2021 property taxes were $1,140.58.

Ready for the farm life yet?

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