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B.C. university signs farm-related research agreement

B.C. university signs farm-related research agreement

Thompson Rivers University and Ignition Group will work together

By Diego Flammini
Staff Writer

A B.C. university and a real estate development organization have signed a memorandum of understanding to work together to focus on experiential learning, soil health and farm-related research.

Thompson Rivers University (TRU) will be working with Ignition Group on the Tranquille lands development.

Tranquille encompasses 469 acres and is being developed to include a community, working farm and market, winery, shops and more.

The success of Tranquille “is rooted in respecting the land,” Ignition says.

Thompson Rivers and the real estate developer will conduct research on multiple topics, including:

  • Principles of regenerative agriculture,
  • Analysis of organic soil content and maximizing carbon sequestration,
  • Riparian area management, and
  • Invasive species identification and management.

The working relationship between the university and the developer will have multiple benefits, said Tim McLeod, project manager of Ignition Tranquille.

“This exciting partnership with Thompson Rivers University offers us a real opportunity to grow the healthiest possible food, and to develop a community-wide carbon management plan based on solid scientific evidence,” he said in a Dec. 7 statement.

TRU officials are excited about the new partnership.

Providing students with the opportunity to learn in such an immersive environment will help their education and surrounding communities, said Greg Anderson, dean of TRU’s faculty of science.

“This MOU allows students access to a local living laboratory and facilitates experiential learning and applied scholarship addressing topics important to the stewardship of the lands,” Anderson said in a statement.

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