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Buyers make John Deere tractor top-selling item at BigIron auction

Buyers make John Deere tractor top-selling item at BigIron auction

The 2007 John Deere 7930 sold after 249 bids Auction Report

A tractor from 2007 was the top-selling piece of farm machinery during a recent equipment auction.

A 2007 John Deere 7930 MFWD tractor from Reynolds, Neb., sold for US$146,000 (CAD$186,452) to a buyer from Kansas after 249 bids during a Jan. 26 BigIron auction.

Specs: 3,421 hours, 6.8L Engine, Diesel, Water Cooled Engine, Auxiliary Foot Throttle, Left Hand Reverser, IVT Transmission, 540/Small 1000 PTO, 4 Auxiliary Hydraulics, Power Beyond And Case Drain, ILS, Steering Axle Suspension, 420/90R30 Front Tires, 480/80R46 Rear Tires, Rear Duals, Axle Mounted Duals, Hammer Strap Draw Bar, Front And Rear Fenders, John Deere 746 Loader, Quick Attach Loader, Quick Attach Bucket, Joystick Loader Control, Single Point Loader Hyd. Hook-up, 8’ Loader Bucket Width, Grapple Bucket, 2 Inside And 2 Outside Rear On Each Side Weights, Heater, AC, Radio, Instructor Seat, Air Suspension Operator Seat, Front Hood Guard, AutoTrac Universal Steering 200, ClimaTrak Automatic Temperature Control, Operators Manual.

A 2011 New Holland T8.330 MFWD tractor from Ogallala, Neb., sold for US$108,750 (CAD$138,892) to a buyer from the same state after 121 bids.

Specs: 3,714 hours, 290 Hp, FPT Turbocharged Aftercooled Diesel 6-Cyl Engine, Liquid-Cooled Engine, 18-Speed Powershift Transmission, Block Heater, 3-Pt Hitch, Swinging Drawbar Hitch, 4 Rear Hydraulic Remotes, Sm. 1000/Large 1000/540 PTOs, 380/80R38 Front Duals, 480/80R50 Rear Duals, 10 Front Suitcase Weights, 4 Rear Wheel Weights, Power Beyond, HID Lighting, Rear Exterior 3-Pt Switches, Guidance Ready, Instructional Seat, Heater, A/C, Delphi CD Player/Radio.

A 2012 John Deere S670 combine from Hildreth, Neb., sold for US$108,500 (CAD$138,590) to a buyer from Oklahoma after 193 bids.

Specs: 2,388 engine hours, 1,844 separator hours, Contour Master, Power Rear Wheel Drive, Pro-Drive Transmission, Premium Cab, John Deere Link, Auto Track Ready, 7" Touch Screen, Deluxe Controls, 5 Speed Feeder House, Hillside Cleaning Shoe Package, Deep Tooth Sieve And Chaffer, Power Cast Tailboard, Chopper, Round Bar Concave, 24' Unload Auger, HID Lights, Straddle Duals, 650/85R38 Front And 60/60R28 Rear.

A 2014 New Holland T7.210 MFWD tractor from Tilden, Neb., sold for US$98,250 (CAD$125,514) to a buyer from Missouri after 214 bids.

Specs: 990 hours, 210 Hp, FPT 6.7L 6 Cylinder, Diesel, Auto Steer Using WAAS, Water Cooled Engine, 87 Gallons Fuel Capacity, Block Heater, 18 Forward Speeds, 6 Reverse Speeds, Power Shift Transmission, 4 Auxiliary Hydraulics, Differential Lock, 320/85R28 Front Tires, 380/90R50 Rear Tires, Pin Hitch, Interchangeable Small 1000/540 PTO, Heater, AC, Radio, Training Seat, Monitor, 2 Doors, Operators Manual.

A 2014 John Deere 7210R MFWD tractor from Seward, Neb., sold for US$88,450 (CAD$112,983) to a buyer from Kansas after 112 bids.

Specs: 4,682 hours, John Deere 6.8L 6 Cylinder Turbo Diesel Engine, John Deere E23 W/ Left Hand Reverser, Transmission—Command Quad Eco Powershift 23 Forward And 11 Reverse Gears, Differential Lock, 16.9R30 (NEW)Firestone Front Tires, 480/80R46 Goodyear Rear Tires, CAB- Commandview III, Heater, AC, Radio, 10" 4600 Color Touch Display, Prem. CVIII w/ Active Seat, Premium Radio Xm Satellite, Hydraulic Pump 32 Gpm, 4 Remotes, 540/1000 PTO, Hitch, Mid Scv W/3 Func Joystick, Quick-Tach 3-Point Rear, Hydraulic Front Accessory Attachment Hooks With 1000 PTO And 1 Set Hydraulic Remotes, Full Locking Electro-hydraulic Rear.

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