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CFFO: New Ontario Premier Will Be Faced with Rural Issues

Christian Farmers of Ontario Believes Rural Ontario and Farmer issues are Becoming Even More Important

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As the Ontario Liberal leadership race begins today and with the likelihood of a provincial election to be held sometime in the near future, the organization Christian Farmers of Ontario (CFFO) is saying that the issues in rural Ontario are becoming increasingly important.

The CFFO highlights some of those issues in its most recent blog, noting that issues such as weather conditions will lead to pressures to provide infrastructure and investment in areas such as water management as farmers deal with drought.  Another issue that was outlined is the concerns over renewable energy projects, noting that there needs to be some changes made and communities need to be given more control over energy projects.

CFFO’s blog clearly underscores that there are policy issues that are distinctly rural, and that these rural issues will be something the new leadership will need to consider carefully as it create its new platform moving forward.

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