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Chatham-Kent area has pun with snowplow naming contest

Chatham-Kent area has pun with snowplow naming contest

Dad jokes galore as community comes up with some pretty punny names for the munipality’s snowplows.

By Andrew Joseph,, Photo by Dan Cook on Unsplash

Warning: We know this isn’t farm news, but it does revolve around an ag-based rural community—and besides, it’s fun.

Residents of the Chatham-Kent, Ontario municipality got a chance to show off their clever wit recently, with a naming contest for the area’s snowplows.

With some 5,300 votes, it’s clear Chatham-Kent knows its pop culture and dad jokes.

Some 1,000 different names were suggested, but 12 were deemed to have sleighed the competition.

And the winners are (please try to hold your groans and guffaws):

  1. Anita Shovel – 436 votes (apparently lots of area dads came up with this one);
  2. Gordie Plow – 400 (would have been more appropriate if it had come in at No. 9, per the NHL great’s jersey number);
  3. Blizzard of Oz – 340 (either a nod to the classic books and movie or the rock ‘n roll legendary album. All aboard the crazy plow);
  4. Darth Blader – 271 votes (clearly the Sith are a force here);
  5. Pillsbury Plowboy – 266 (anybody else just get hungry?);
  6. Sled Zeppelin – 256 (Zeppelin rulz! Simpsons fans Otto get that);
  7. Buzz Ice-Clear –251 (there’s got to be a story or four behind that name!);
  8. Qunuk – 243 (apparently there are 40-50 Inuit words for snow, depending on the dialect. No joke!);
  9. Flurrious George – 236 (now if we can only get the driver to wear a Yellow Hat);
  10. School’s Not Cancelled – 194 votes (cue the gnashing of teeth and “tummy aches”);
  11. Snobi One Kenobi – 192 (this is not the plow you are looking for);
  12. Sleetwood Mac – 189 votes (lots of Stevie St. Nicks fans in Chatham-Kent).

Honourable Mention:

  • Edward Blizzardhands (has depp-th, but didn’t make the cut);
  • Justin B-Brrrrrr (wait, the Biebs pun lost out to Ozzy Osbourne and Fleetwood Mac?);
  • Lord Coldemort (a no-brainer as the plow that shall not be named).

Originally, there were only going to be six winning snowplow names—one for each district—but after seeing the community interest and inventive names, it was doubled. Does that mean Chatham-Kent needs more snowplows?

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