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Farm lobby groups

Organizations who stick up for farmers

By Diego Flammini,

Farmers are always under extreme pressure.

They’re expected to continue to produce food for the world while at the same time adhering to changing government regulations, input costs and unpredictable weather.

So when these pressures start to mount, who is there to be a voice for the farmers and make sure they’re being treated fairly and compensated properly for their efforts?

Luckily for farmers in the United States and Canada, there are groups and organizations ready to defend and fight for equal and fair treatment of farmers and their practices.

Canadian Federation of Agriculture – CFA promotes the interests of Canadian agriculture producers and their families while acting a national voice for farmers.

Grain Growers of Canada – CGC pursues a policy environment on behalf of Canada’s grain growers that maximizes global competitiveness.

Dairy Farmers of Canada – DFC stands up for the quality of Canada’s dairy, supply management practices and animal health.

Turkey Farmers of Canada – The group develops and strengthens the Canadian turkey industry to ensure it’s available every day.

Egg Farmers of Canada – A not-for-profit organization dedicated to supplying Canadians with fresh and local eggs produced by Canada’s hardworking farmers.

Dairy Farmers of America – DFA is committed to upholding the high quality of American milk that consumers have come to know.

Future Farmers of America – An organization dedicated to using agricultural education to shape tomorrow’s agricultural leaders.

National Corn Growers Association – The association is committed to creating and increasing opportunities for corn growers across the United States.

National Cattlemen’s Beef Association – The purpose of NCBA is to provide the safest, high-quality beef and beef products that are produced by hardworking American cattle farmers.

National Chicken Council – NCC promotes and protects the interests of chicken farmers and is the industry’s voice when speaking with Congress and other federal agencies.

Join the conversation and tell us what other organizations are involved in being an active voice for farmers.


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