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Mahindra offers two NA-specific tractors

Mahindra offers two NA-specific tractors

By Andrew Joseph,

Keen to make a larger splash in the North American market, Mahindra—a global tractor manufacturer from India—has developed a series of tractors. 

Dubbed the 5100 series, it features two new tractors: the 5145, featuring 45 horsepower; and the 5155 with a corresponding 55 horsepower (pictured). According to Mahindra, nearly all of the vehicles will come standard with the company’s loader feature. 

As part of its tractor development for North American audiences, the open-station 5100-series tractors have a flat floor and has ensured pedal spacing can accommodate a size 13 boot easily. 

The 5100 series tractors feature a geared full synchro mesh 12F/12R transmission, but importantly—owing to recent sensor shortages, rather than rely on a DPF (diesel particulate filter) or DEF (diesel exhaust filter), it uses the company’s own mCRD diesel engine technology to meet emissions standards while still maintaining the power required.

Other features include: 

  • tilt steering wheel;
  • tight turn radius; 
  • all-steel hood and fenders; 
  • low-set fuel tank; 
  • one rear and mid/loader hydraulic outlet; 
  • gear reduction ration of 540/540E PTO; 
  • 5-year limited powertrain warranty up to 3,000 hours.  

Series options include: work light, roof, heavier loader, larger backhoe.  

Company information can be found at

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