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New documentary examines ag history and current technology revolution

New documentary examines ag history and current technology revolution

By Andrew Joseph,

You can spare 15-minutes to watch the agricultural documentary “Earth on the Edge” to be more aware of efforts to save our soil and increase our crop production.

Recently released by Canadian ag pioneer Clean Seed Capital Group, the highly informative full-length documentary video does a deep dive into a century’s worth of ag history and details just what is driving the company’s technology revolution.

Although Canadian farmers will be more than well-versed on the aspects of top-soil degradation that the documentary discusses that can affect our ability to produce crops, it does provide a compelling examination of our ag history and how we nearly starved our population through the so-called “Dirty 30s” in the early part of the 20th century with topsoil depletion and the onset of dustbowls throughout the North American prairies.

The documentary continues with a glimpse into our efforts from the 1940s onward to ensure soil degradation can be effectively combatted through the miracles of modern science and technology.

While a means to an end for highlighting its own effective products and technologies, the Clean Seed documentary does perhaps make its point for global market segments that may not be as familiar with its stellar brands.    

Clean Seed’s SMART Seeder MAX technologies are seeding tools that use electronic metering and software for row-by-row technology helping it create highly accurate seeding equipment that provides precision ag technology and carbon capture potential for the modern farmer.

Graham Lempriere, Chief Executive Officer with Clean Seed said: “Commercial farming is an incredibly challenging business that is critical for our global population. We have thrown ourselves into supporting the farming community by creating solutions which will sustainably boost crop production and reduce costs while supporting population growth amid climate change. As input costs soar and environmental challenges mount, we believe sharing our objectives through the production of this documentary provides an effective communication medium to an audience that reaches beyond the farm.”

He continued: “It has been a true pleasure working with all the individuals and organizations involved that supported Earth on the Edge. This project is a true reflection of industry stakeholders and the diverse conversations that share a common thread and motivation to drive the development and implementation of revolutionary advancements in agriculture that will benefit generations to come.”

For more information on Clean Seed, visit the website at  

Watch the documentary in its entirety below:

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