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OFA and FCC help send hay west

OFA and FCC help send hay west

Farmers and organizations are working to provide hay and cover shipping costs to aid farmers impacted by severe drought in the Prairies

By Jackie Clark
Staff Writer 

Hay West 2021 is a relief program working to provide farmers in Western Canada facing severe drought with the hay they need to feed their livestock. 

The program is operated by the Canadian Federation of Agriculture (CFA). 

Recently, Farm Credit Canada (FCC) and the Ontario Federation of Agriculture (OFA) both made financial contributions to go toward the shipping costs of transporting hay from eastern and central Canada to the Prairies. 

“The OFA has contributed $50,000 to the initiative, while FCC has contributed $25,000. FCC has also agreed to provide an additional $25,000 if CFA is able to secure an additional $25,000 contribution from another source,” said an Oct. 12 release from CFA. “CFA hopes these gestures of financial support will spur further contributions, as the drought in Western Canada has been extremely lengthy and resulted in a dire need for hay.”

Farmers in western provinces have previously contributed to a similar program when producers in Ontario needed assistance. 

“There have been two initiatives like Hay West in Canada's history, with the most recent being when farmers from the West sent hay out East for farmers struggling with drought,” said Peggy Brekveld, OFA president, in the release. “OFA is happy to be able to make a contribution to help farmers when they are struggling, no matter where they are. We hope these donations can spur other organizations to do so as well.”

Farmers or organizations looking to donate funds or hay should contact CFA or go to

“Hay West 2021 is operating on a break-even basis,” explains the website. “Hay is being purchased from eastern Canada suppliers and will be resold at cost to recipients. The price will be $ 0.10 per pound for all hay supplied. Net weights of loads will be provided. Rounds and squares of varying dimensions will be supplied as available.”

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