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Think locally, nationally, and globally

Think locally, nationally, and globally

FCC article describes how global markets affect Canadian farmers.

By Andrew Joseph,; Image via FCC

There is an adage people throw around and hope people get: think locally, act globally.

It’s simple enough… what we do locally has the “butterfly effect” on the whole planet, so make sure whatever we do on our farm is in the best interests of the planet.

But it’s a bit more complex than that, especially for farmers who not only have to think locally, but provincially, nationally, and internationally.

That’s the only way to increase the chance of having a successful season.

According to an article written by Farm Credit Canada (FCC), with input from Kyle Burak, an FCC Senior Economist, farmers need to be aware of how supply and demand should drive their production and marketing decisions.

Anyone can have the best yield of a crop ever, but who cares if there’s no demand for it?

The key is to read the market and where it is going.

Read the FCC article HERE.

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