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This utility jug is no jerry can

This utility jug is no jerry can

Photo Credit: Risk Racing 

Never fight with your spout again 

By Braxten Breen Intern 

Risk Racing assures you will “never fight with your spout again”, with their Premium Utility Jug Spout, Hose Bender Black Edition. 

Traditionally spouts have been produced with plastic or PVC counterparts that normally tend to harden over time. Where recently the utility jug market has introduced a new material, HDPE rubber, as it’s been tested to maintain its softness and malleability. 

Risk Racing

Spout features: 

  • Consistent Bend:  

                   - Enter and exit your equipment with the same bend in the spout resulting in no spillage  

  • Stability Hook:  

                  - Black hose bender keeps the bend stabilized by a hook at the end, maintaining it’s same position  

  • Aluminum Cap:   

                  - A CNC aluminum cap traps a nitrile rubber o-ring ensuring no leakage during transport 

  • Hose Clamps: 

                  - The black hose bender includes two custom molded hose clamps for an upgrade over the original ugly metal hose clamps 

  • Universal Compression Fitting: 

                  - The ¾” threaded hosed adapter offers a flange that traps the nitrile o-ring, which once again prevents leaks and spillage 

So, if you’re tired of fighting the spout on your current jerry can and have had enough, Risk Racing’s spout will ensure you a fight-free day on the farm. 

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