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Weather alert issued by Environment Canada

Heavy rain on the way

By Diego Flammini,

Environment Canada has issued a weather alert for the Greater Toronto Area, Haldimand, Hamilton, Peel, Dufferin, Bancroft, Barrie and other areas.

Heavy rain, as much as 50mm in some areas could fall by the time Tuesday evening rolls around.

“A cold front moving through Southern Ontario today will generate showers and isolated thunderstorms,” the statement says. “With a very moist air mass in place, these showers and thunderstorms could produce local amounts of 30 to 40mm by this evening.”

Heavy rain on a farm

For farmers, heavy rain could damage crops, impact yield and make it difficult to even get into the field.

According to the Farmers’ Almanac, the weather for Ontario is right on schedule:

  • July 4th to 7th – Severe thunderstorms, in the Great Lakes Region
  • July 8th to 11th – Showers and thunderstorms, then fair
  • July 12th to 15th – More thunderstorms
  • July 16th to 19th – Hot, dry weather (32°C to 34°C)
  • July 20th to 23rd – Fair skies
  • July 24th to 27th – Thunderstorms in the Great Lakes Region
  • July 28th to 31st – Hot and dry

While the rain about to hit Southern Ontario is heavy, it’s nothing like what’s been happening in the US Corn Belt.

Due to the heavy rain and flash flooding in Indiana, it’s estimated the economic impact on crops is around $300 million.

Join the conversation and tell us the measures you take if you know there’s heavy rain on the way.


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