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What does a Year on a Saskatchewan Farm Look Like?

What does a Year on a Saskatchewan Farm Look Like?

See for Yourself at Jason LeBlanc Farm in Estevan, Saskatchewan

By Jean-Paul McDonald

In tribute to his father, Ross LeBlanc, farmer and rancher Jason LeBlanc from Estevan, Saskatchewan, hired Brian Zinchuck to take some photos at his father’s 80th birthday celebration at their family farm. While the LeBlanc’s had initially hired Zinchuck to capture the memories of the event, the conversation turned to video and the idea to film a year on the farm was born.

“We started thinking we should do up a video of farming for my dad … for him to watch,” said LeBlanc. “And then it progressed from there. It became a passion for Brian to do all these different things, and different sides of the farm, and different things that we do all year long.”

Over the course of a year, Zinchuck visited the farm several times, often using drones to capture footage of the farm in action. He filmed everything from seeding, to spraying, to harvesting, and even a trip to the Ritchie Bros. auction in Estevan. With some editing and the addition of a killer soundtrack, Zinchuk produced one of the best views of what a farm on the great plains looks like over 12 months.



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