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Canola Council supports Government of Canada efforts to re-establish certainty and predictability in trade with Mexico

 The Canola Council of Canada (CCC) supports the Government of Canada for joining the dispute settlement consultation with Mexico on agricultural biotechnology. The consultation was initiated last week by the United States under the Canada-United States-Mexico-Agreement (CUSMA), and Canada joined today as a third party.

There have been challenges to regulatory predictability in Mexico over the last few years. Regulatory approaches not grounded in sound science risk stifling access to innovations that farmers need to contribute to food security challenges, address climate related production issues, and remain competitive and profitable.

“To continue to serve the Mexican market and other key export markets, it is essential that Canada’s trading partners support and implement science-based regulatory systems that enable getting innovations, including products of agricultural biotechnology, authorized and approved and into the hands of Canadian canola growers,” says Jim Everson, CCC president.

While there have been some positive signals from Mexico recently, more formal and substantive assurance is required to provide clarity and certainty about the regulatory approach moving forward. Without that, there is concern that similar issues could arise in the future and precedence established for approaches not based on science.

“We appreciate the ongoing efforts of the Government of Canada and, in particular, the Ministers of International Trade and Agriculture and Agri-Food to support the continued success of trade between our two countries and hope that Canada’s participation in the dispute settlement consultation initiated by the U.S. will re-establish regulatory predictability,” says Everson.

The CCC has been working closely with Canadian officials over the past several months and has provided ongoing input and advice to the Government of Canada. Mexico is a leading and valued market for Canadian canola and is Canada’s largest agri-food export to that country, valued at $1.6 billion in 2022.

Source : Canola Council

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