Veterinary College at Guelph Opened

Veterinary College at Guelph Opened


The official opening of the Ontario Veterinary College, which was instructed during the past year by the Ontario Government, on College Heights, Guelph, Ont., took place on Dec. 12 under most auspicious circumstances, Hon. Manning Doherty, Ontario Minister of Agriculture, officiating and formally declaring the College open for the instruction of students in veterinary science. In spite of the cold day a large number of citizens from the city accepted the invitation of Principal Dr. McGilvray to be present at the opening, and, in addition, a number of prominent men associated with the veterinary profession from various parts of the Dominion occupied seats on the platform. Included among these were Dr. J. G. Rutherford, former veterinary director general, now a member of the Dominion Railway Board; Dr. F. Torance, veterinary general for the Dominion; Dr. Daubigny, principal of the Veterinary College of the University of Montreal; Capt. C. H. Buckland, M.P.P. for South Wellington; Prof. R. Harcourt, representing the O.A.C., and a number of others.

Hon. Manning Doherty, in his remarks, referred to the very great pleasure it gave him to officially declare the College open, and stated that no pains nor expense had been spared by the Government in making this veterinary institution the finest and best equipped to be found in North America. He alluded to the great importance of the veterinary profession, especially with regard to the part of the graduate to the whole live stock industry.

Dr. J. G. Rutherford, who is one of the best known veterinary men in the Dominion of Canada, delivered an exceptionally fine address dealing with the development of the veterinary science in the country and stated that he had looked forward for a long time to the location of the O.A.C. at Guelph, where the students of this institution and that of the O.A.C. could mingle for the mutual benefit of all. He emphasized the place of the veterinarian in the live stock industry, and stated that without the veterinarian there really would be no live stock in the country.

Dr. Torrance, Veterinary Director-General of Canada, expressed regret at the absence of Hon. Dr. Motherwell, Minister of Agriculture of the Dominion; Hon. Dr. Tolmie and Dr. Grisdale, Dominion Live Stock Commissioner. He praised very highly the building which had been completed, and hoped the veterinarians who graduated from it would be a credit to the College and to the country. The opening of this College meant a new epoch in the veterinary profession. Short addresses were also delivered by Capt. C. H. Buckland, Prof. Harcourt, representing the O.A.C., and Dr. Gilvray, principal of the College.

In the evening a banquet was held at the Royal Canadian Cafe, which was attended by the entire student body, eulogistic addresses were delivered by a number of prominent speakers.


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