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2024 Green tech awards spotlight ag innovations


Digi International has awarded Valmont and Ranch Systems the 2024 Green Tech Customer Innovation Awards. These companies have been recognized for their effective use of innovative IoT technologies to enhance agricultural practices.

Valmont has been acknowledged for its sophisticated smart irrigation systems, which incorporate Digi’s IX20, TX54, and XBee® 3 Zigbee 3 RF. These tools help farmers manage irrigation more efficiently, saving water and improving crop yields. According to Troy Long from Valley Irrigation, Valmont’s initiatives enable farmers to use technology not only to boost efficiency but also to support sustainable farming practices.

On the other hand, Ranch Systems has been honored for its advancements in precision agriculture, utilizing Digi’s XBee® DigiMesh® 2.4. This technology allows for detailed monitoring and analysis, which aids farmers in making informed decisions that benefit both their yields and the environment.

Ron Konezny, the CEO of Digi International, commended the winners for their role in pushing the boundaries of agricultural technology. “These companies are at the forefront of the agricultural sector's technological revolution, demonstrating how innovative solutions can lead to more sustainable practices,” he stated.

This recognition by Digi International underscores the importance of technology in advancing sustainable agricultural methods and highlights the company's commitment to supporting the agricultural community in adopting these advanced systems.

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