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Ag in Manitoba’s provincial budget

Ag in Manitoba’s provincial budget

The government is investing into multiple ag programs and initiatives

By Diego Flammini
Staff Writer

Parts of Manitoba’s agriculture industry are receiving funding from the provincial government as outlined in its 2022 budget.

“New and ongoing investment in the agriculture and food processing industries are important to Manitoba to grow and retain economic activity and jobs and to adapt to changing technologies, market conditions, climate change, public expectations, and risks to competitiveness and profitability,” the budget document states.

Some of the Manitoba government’s investments into agriculture include:

  • Almost $99 million in Manitoba’s share of business risk management programming under the Canadian Agricultural Partnership. This represents an increase from $85 million in 2021/22.
  • $220,000 to support animal disease diagnostics, disease risk assessment and response.
  • $150,000 in support of Project Aspire, the sustainable protein action plan.
  • $70,000 to create the Livestock and Crop Communication Initiative to support best practices for sustainable crop and livestock production while addressing public and private concerns.
  • A 14 per cent ($16,000) increase for the VetSTEP Program to attract more third-year vet students to grain experience in Manitoba.

Another budget item designed to help farmers is the Education Property Tax Rebate.

This budget increases the rebate from 25 per cent to 37.5 per cent. And next year, Manitobans will receive a 50 per cent rebate on residential and farm properties.

The announcement is “welcome news for Manitoba farmers,” Bill Campbell, president of Keystone Agricultural Producers, said in a statement. “KAP will continue to lobby for the complete removal of the education property tax from all farm property.”

Another item that could benefit the province’s ag sector is a commitment to immigration funding.

The provincial government has earmarked $5 million to attract newcomers to Manitoba.

Any assistance to help address labour challenges is welcomed, Campbell said.

Additional budget items include $812 million for rural and northern health care and $578.5 million toward capital projects for highways.

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