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Alaska seeking farm family nominations

Winners will be honored at Alaska State Fair

By Diego Flammini,

Alaska’s Department of Agriculture is asking the public to submit their nominations for the 16th Annual Farm Family of the Year Award.

Father and children on farm

The award, established in 2000, honors the farm family in Alaska that best shows the spirit of the state’s agricultural industry and shows appreciation for the hardworking people who dedicate themselves to agriculture and aquaculture.

Nominations should include some of the following information about the farm families:

  • Crop production (not based on how much)
  • Any community involvement
  • Involvement with agricultural organizations (local, state and federal levels)
  • Family image, farming history, etc.

The selection committee is made up of people from the USDA Farm Service Agency, Natural Resources Conservation Service, University of Alaska Fairbanks School of Natural Resources and Extension and Alaska State Fair.

The winning family will be honored at the Alaska State Fair Director’s Reception on Thursday, August 27.

In 2014, Alaska’s top agricultural commodity was hay, producing more than $9 million worth.

Alaska isn’t the only state looking to honor and showcase their farm families.

The University of Minnesota is also looking for families who best exemplify their passion for the agriculture industry and what it means to local and surrounding communities.

One family from each county will be selected and the winners will be celebrated on Thursday, August 6th at Farmfest.

Tell us your  thoughts on what makes a great farm family. What kind of qualities should they possess?

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