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New Peterson Farm Brothers parody video

Music video has them covering BTO

By Diego Flammini,

Everybody’s favorite YouTube farm family is back with another music video showcasing their love of music and farming, with a little bit of comedy thrown in too.

The Peterson Farm Brothers from Assaria, Kansas have released their latest musical offering, “Taking Care of Livestock”, a parody of BTO’s “Takin’ Care of Business”.

The video features brothers Greg, Nathan and Kendal on the guitar, bass and keyboard, respectively, while sister and “honorary bro” Laura plays the drums.

The video opens with the foursome and the iconic guitar riff from BTO’s classic song, with a background of some of their cattle. The song describes some of the daily tasks associated with raising their livestock and the importance of farms and farmers as a whole.

“We get up every morning at the rooster’s crowing in the far from any city, the first line of the song goes. “Feeding cattle that we love wearing our work boots and our gloves, in any weather whether nasty or pretty,” it continues.

Now that you’ve got the song and rhythm stuck in your head, here’s the chorus.

Takin’ care of livestock, every day!
Takin’ care of livestock, pitching hay.
Takin’ care of livestock, they’re bovine!
Takin’ care of livestock and workin’ overtime. Work out…side!

This video is the ninth the brothers have produced. Some of their other hits include Farmer Style (Gangnam Style parody) and Chore (Roar parody).

Tell us your thoughts about the new Peterson Farm Brothers video. Which one is your favorite? Are there any other farm parody music videos we should know about?

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