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Bringing home the ‘bison’

Bringing home the ‘bison’

Manitoba’s Outstanding Young Farmers announced for 2018 

By Kate Ayers
Staff Writer

Brooks and Jen White of Pierson, Man. were recently recognized as Manitoba’s 2018 Outstanding Young Farmers.

The couple took over the family grain farm and bison ranch in 2012, according to a release yesterday from Canada’s Outstanding Young Farmers.

Borderland Agriculture, the farm name, represents the boundaries of the couple’s farm property. The southern edge of the operation sits on the border of the United States and the western border creeps into Saskatchewan.

Brooks and Jen practice what they call “regenerative” agriculture.

Since 1999, the couple has increasingly integrated their livestock operation with their cash crop one. They have their sights set on grazing bison throughout the entire year, rotating them to fields across the farm. This approach improves soil health, as well as enables the couple to grow better crops and raise healthier and more productive bison, according to the farm’s website.   

The couple regenerates their business by developing business plans and continuing their education. They also give back to both their ag and local communities, the release says.

The Whites’ goal is to grow their integration of bison and crops, as opposed to expand their operation’s size. They believe they can achieve a higher value from multiple profit centres on the same amount of acreage, according to the release. 

Amy and Jamie Bell of Birtle, Man. were also recognized for their outstanding agricultural efforts at the regional Outstanding Young Farmers event.

Ralph Eichler, minister of agriculture, and Dori Gingera, deputy minister, attended the event and honoured the two couples on March 3 in Winnipeg.   

Canada’s Outstanding Young Farmers for 2018 will be selected at the national event in Winnipeg which will be held between Nov. 29 and Dec. 3.

Photo credit: mysticenergy/iStock/Getty Images Plus


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