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Canada and Russia as agri-food trade partners

The two countries meet tonight for World Junior hockey gold

By Diego Flammini,

On the ice, the rivalry between Canada and Russia will forever be etched in hockey history. Tonight, they’ll write another chapter in the storied saga as the two countries meet for World Junior hockey gold; a tournament the two nations continue to dominate. 28 of the 36 competitions resulted in either Canada or Russia winning gold.

One game between the two countries dubbed the “Punch-up in Piestany” saw the game suspended after brawl broke out.

Off the ice, when it comes to trading agriculture, it’s a little bit of a different relationship.

The most recent stats show in 2013, Canada exported over $321 million worth of agri-food products to Russia. The principal exports being over $250 million in pork products. Other imports included dog and cat food, fertilized chicken eggs, and pure-bred breeding swine.

On the other hand, Canada imported $21 million in products in 2013. The chief import being vodka at $8.7 million. Molasses, tobacco, flaxseed and millet round out the top five agri-food imports.

During the summer of 2014, sanctions were put on Russia while they and Ukraine were at odds. In response to the sanctions, Russia stopped importing foods from numerous countries, including Canada’s pork industry that could have a financial impact of up to $500 million.

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