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Cattle association pleased with Guatemalan market access

Cattle association pleased with Guatemalan market access

Trade is critical to a successful beef industry, the Canadian Cattle Association said

By Diego Flammini
Staff Writer

A Canadian ag organization is happy the federal government secured full access to a trade market.

Having access to global markets is critical to a thriving Canadian beef industry, said Dennis Laycraft, executive vice president of the Canadian Cattle Association.

“Trade is essential to the Canadian beef industry’s long-term sustainability and profitability. The Canadian Cattle Association is committed to diversifying and strengthening the trade potential of Canadian beef. Regaining access to markets such as Guatemala is welcomed news to Canada’s beef producers,” he told in an email.

His comments come after Canada regained full access to Guatemala after 10 years of negotiations.

Agriculture and Agri-Food Minister Marie-Claude Bibeau announced the renewed access on April 28.

In December 2012, Guatemala informed Canada of its requirement to inspect establishments.

Guatemala maintained a list of Canadian meat establishments, and only exports from that list would be accepted.

Operators who didn’t appear on Guatemala’s list would have to contact the Canadian Food Inspection Agency to have themselves added to the list.

With the full market access, beef, pork and poultry products produced on or after April 17, 2023, are eligible for export to Guatemala.

“This is a big win for Canada. The success of Canadian agriculture depends heavily on Canada’s ability to export to the world, and Guatemala presents many opportunities for our exporters,” Bibeau said in an April 28 statement.

Guatemala is Canada’s largest bilateral trading partner in the region.

Top ag exports from Canada to Guatemala in 2022 included cereals ($83.12 million) and fertilizers ($23.12 million).

Canada imports fruits, vegetables, sugar and other products from Guatemala. has also contacted the Canadian Pork Council for comment.

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