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Conveyair Pneumatic Handling Equipment

Conveyair Pneumatic Handling Equipment

Showcasing the benefits of the Ultima62 grain vac

Ryan Ridley

Dwayne Hildebrandt, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Conveyair, gave an overview of the company’s latest grain vac model, the Ultima62, at the 2020 National Farm Machinery Show this past February.

The product has several benefits for farmers and can be used for loading and unloading bins over 100’ tall, cleaning up spills, transferring between bins, as well as unloading and filling storage facilities. According to the company, the Ulitma62 is also good for pulling grain directly from the center of the bin.

“If your auger under your bin floor gives out on you or wears out, we can pull grain right from the center of the bin without losing capacity,” said Hildebrandt.

The Ulitma62 uses a positive displacement blower that enables grain to be moved a greater distance without the need for a booster system.

“It holds vacuum a lot better over longer hose lengths,” he stated. “With a positive displacement blower, you get a lot better capacity with the Thor 5.3 blower that we have on our machine.”

The unit also removes dust and debris from the grain, with any light debris deposited into a canister for disposal.

“Another benefit of the machine is that we use a dust system which is there to protect the blower and give it a longer life – it also prevents dust from entering the bin and you don’t have dust flowing into your truck or tractor filters,” explained Hildebrandt. “It makes the operation of moving grain a lot cleaner and healthier for the user.”

The Ultima62 enables farmers to move grain in any direction – vertically, horizontally, and around corners – using air, which protects your grain quality as you move it from the bin.

“Because we use all air to move our product, there’s a lot less product damage than you might find from other grain handling methods,” added Hildebrant. “Our users really find that beneficial for their farms.”



“One of the other benefits of the Ultima62 is because we are using air, you can actually use it to push grain into a bin. If you have an older silo on your farm and you’re wondering how you can use that storage space, we can put a pipe kit on the side of that bin and use the Ulitma62 grain vac to push grain right to the top,” said Hildebrandt.

Conveyair manufacturers grain vacs and pneumatics grain handling equipment out of its facility in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

To learn more about Conveyair’s portfolio of grain handling equipment, visit:


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