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Eastern Canadian farmers now have access to Pixxaro herbicide

Controls weeds, improves time and risk management

By Diego Flammini,

Farmers in Eastern Canada specializing in different types of wheat and barley now have access to another tool designed to give them good spray days, and lessen the stress when spray seasons are shorter than desired.

Pixxaro, from Dow AgroSciences has been registered and given approval for farmers to use in Eastern Canada for the upcoming growing season.

“Pixxaro delivers great weed control but in today’s world, that’s table stakes,” said Kelly Bennett, Cereals Portfolio Marketing Lead for Dow AgroSciences in a release. “In market research, farmers consistently express frustration around complex herbicide decisions, worry about performance when weather conditions are less than ideal and the serious time pressure during spray season. In short, they need less stress, fewer worries and more good spray days.”

Pixxaro moved through the plant even regardless if it is too hot, cold, wet or dry.

The herbicide can combat a wide range of broadleaf weeds including ragweed, Canada fleabane, vetch, chickweed, cleavers and kochia. Its versatility allows it to be mixed with grass products registered in Eastern Ontario and other foliar fungicides.

Pixxaro is also armed with Arylex Active, the first active from a new class of synthetic auxins (plant hormones). That means the dosage of product used can be smaller regardless of weather.

Other weeds Pixxaro can control include hemp-neetle including the ALS resistant variety, stork’s-bill, stink weed and henbit.

Join the discussion and tell us if you plan to use the new Pixxaro herbicide on your farm. Why or why not?

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