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Eastern Farm Machinery

Eastern Farm Machinery

A one-stop shop for farmers and dealers looking for global ag equipment and parts.

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For all of the do-it-yourselfers who need to replace a machine part or for those looking for ag new equipment, there’s the large inventories of Eastern Farm Machinery Limited.

Situated in Puslinch, Ontario, Eastern Farm Machinery has been in business since 1952, the brainchild of Stan Snyder.

After his own A.B. Farquhar Canada Ltd. And Brantford, Ontario’s Cockshutt were closed following its purchase by the Oliver Corporation, Snyder wanted to ensure that Eastern Ontario would still be able to provide short line equipment, and invited D.M. Johnson and J.C. Marcus to join him at Eastern Farm Machinery.

In 1970, Eastern Farm Machinery formed Ontario Harvestore Systems Ltd. as a means to better assist farmers in the mechanization of the feeding process and the proper storage of feed under oxygen limiting conditions.

One year later, Snyder became the first Canadian President of the US-based Farm Equipment Wholesalers Association that represent farm, industrial and commercial equipment distributors throughout North America.

The company currently wholesales equipment, with a product line based on its manufacturing partner requirements covering North America, carrying thousands of parts and products for the individual farmer and ag dealer.

Its 35,000 square foot headquarters includes both office and warehouse space, as well as a full-service shop, parts department, whole goods storage, and a truck loading facility—it uses its own trucking fleet to deliver goods to some 450 dealers.

Eastern Farm Machinery provides a wide range of light industrial, commercial landscape, and outdoor power equipment, importing from six countries—Denmark, Estonia, Italy (such as the Balfor equipment pictured above), France, Czech Republic, China, and the US.

Taking title of all the goods, it can offer complete marketing, warehousing, promotional, service, financing, and collection functions for the lines it distributes.

Types of equipment available amongst it’s 2,000+ offerings in its online catalog include:

  • ATV log forwarding trailer
  • Air Seeding Systems
  • Bale Choppers/Shredders
  • Buster Bars
  • Chipper Shredder
  • Earth & Turf Horse Ring Groomer
  • Fertilizer side dresser
  • Firewood Conveyor
  • Firewood processor
  • Forestry Trailers and Cranes
  • Gandy Applicators
  • Gandy Orbit Air Pneumatic Applicators
  • Hourmeters
  • Hypro pumps
  • Lavender Harvester
  • Loaders
  • M & W Gear Parts NOS
  • Millcreek Manure Spreaders
  • Millcreek Row Mulcher
  • Monitors/Controllers
  • NOS Woods Parts
  • Old Short line Parts
  • Packers
  • Precision Stone forks
  • Sprayers
  • Spreaders
  • Stone Forks/Buckets
  • Tractors
  • Transplanters
  • Vicon Parts
  • Vreten Snowploughs
  • Weatherbrakes

Over the ensuing years Eastern Farm Machinery has attempted to remain on the leading edge, continually introducing new technologies and equipment to the agricultural market.

Eastern Farm Machinery markets its products through 400 dealers in Ontario and Michigan using three territory managers who make regular calls on dealers within their specified areas.

The number of services performed for its dealers is large and varied, but includes machine and parts warehousing, equipment financing and floor planning, trade shows, product training seminars, service training, advertising, demonstrations, and new product introductions.

In the years the company has been in business, the North American farming production practices have changed dramatically, with more intensive farming, larger equipment, more efficient design and technologically advanced machines.

To help led the way, Eastern Farm Machinery has always tried to provide high quality, innovative equipment to the market at competitive prices for the end user.

Even now, as producers are moving to more precise, controlled input production techniques, the company continues to provide farmers with solutions for their businesses into the future.

Company information and its online catalogue can be found at

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