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Farm income woes hit Deere - Layoffs and production shifts

Crop price decline leads to lower equipment demand, worker cuts


The US agricultural sector is facing headwinds, and farm equipment manufacturer Deere & Co. is feeling the impact. The company announced layoffs for nearly 600 workers at factories in Iowa and Illinois. This decision follows three quarters of declining sales, with a 15% drop in the most recent quarter.

Deere attributes this sales slump to lower crop prices, which are leading to decreased farm income. The US Department of Agriculture forecasts a significant drop in net farm income for 2024 compared to the previous year.

To manage these challenges, Deere is taking proactive steps. The layoffs represent a streamlining of production at some facilities. Additionally, the company is shifting some production lines to Mexico and has implemented temporary layoffs at other plants.

These measures aim to address the reduced demand for farm equipment as farmers tighten their belts due to lower crop income. The company's stock price has also been affected by these developments.

Deere's situation reflects the interconnectedness of the agricultural sector. When farm income suffers, it creates ripple effects throughout the industry, impacting equipment manufacturers and workers.

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