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Farmers Encouraged to Tweet #FromtheField

By Amanda Brodhagen,

It’s that time of year again – planting season!

As farmers begin working in the fields, there is an opportunity to show the world just how savvy farmers have become. Equipped with a smartphone device in hand, farmers have the ability to share what they do on a daily basis, including what happens out in the fields.

Last spring, asked growers to put on their reporter hats and tweet using the #fromthefield hashtag. And farmers did just that. Stories, pictures and videos were shared about day to day life happenings in the fields.

Now that spring is here, we are asking farmers to tweet up a storm for the 2014 planting season – tweet from your tractor (keeping safety in mind). Share the stories that you want to tell, connect with other growers and consumers too!

In the coming weeks and months, will be profiling various growers about their #fromthefield twitter experience and showcasing information about their farming operations.

Happy tweeting!

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