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GFO wants cereal rye farmers to register with the association

GFO wants cereal rye farmers to register with the association

By Andrew Joseph,; Image courtesy of Grain Farmers of Ontario

The Grain Farmers of Ontario (GFO) is looking for farmers in the province to help test grow cereal rye as a means to determine future opportunities.

Growers of cereal rye told the GFO that they are looking to increase future opportunities for cereal rye and want them to consider adding it to their mandate.

If the GFO were to add it to its mandate, it needs to look at leveraging agronomic research, market development, public communication, and advocacy for programs and policies for cereal rye.

To better help with this decision, the GFO is requesting that all farmers that grow and harvest cereal rye to register with them (see below).

The GFO noted that registration does not imply support for the inclusion of cereal rye to its mandate, but only that the registration will be used to keep farmers who grow cereal rye updated on the issue, and to possibly seek input.

To access the cereal rye registration at the GFO website, click HERE.

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