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Grain safety first - A week of awareness in Nebraska


The Stand Up 4 Grain Safety Week is a notable event in Nebraska's agricultural calendar, created through a partnership between the Nebraska Corn Board, Nebraska Soybean Board, and leading safety organizations. It targets the growing concern over grain bin accidents as storage capacities expand, highlighting the critical nature of safety in agriculture.

In 2024, this initiative brings to the forefront the dangers of grain handling and the essential practices to mitigate these risks. With over 42 grain bin entrapments reported in a recent year, the highest in a decade, the urgency for action is clear. Participants are educated on several preventive steps, including the use of safety harnesses, the necessity of having an observer, and the importance of communication during bin entry operations.

Through various educational and social media initiatives, the campaign aims to instill a culture of safety among Nebraska's farmers and agricultural workers. This proactive approach is crucial for enhancing the safety of grain handling operations, ensuring that everyone involved in the agricultural sector can work in a safer environment. "Stand Up 4 Grain Safety Week" represents a unified effort to safeguard the lives of those who feed America.

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